Magnifies w/ Built-in Light

Built in LED flashlight that illuminates with an easy, one finger slide switch.

Quick Detach Neckstrap

Comfortably worn around your neck and easily tucked behind clothing. 

Lightweight Easy to Store

Fits easily in a small clutch on a keychain or even just in your pocket!

See What Others Are Saying...

There is one in my purse at all times, color coded of course! I stick one on the stove for easy recipe reading and leave the rest on my fridge to grab as needed. I am always finding new uses!

– Sarah, from Hollywood, CA

I was always embarrassed pulling my glasses out for dinner and drinks, since I was usually the only one who needed them.  Then I found out about the QUICK SEE, and I’ve been hooked ever since. There is one hanging from my neck at all times, so I’ll never be searching for Reading Glasses again!

– Tommy, from Scottsdale, AZ

No more fussing for reading Glasses, just to have a quick look at something! Every morning I wear the easy-detach NeckStrap and I have yet to find myself, without my “EYES” as I like to say, again! Thank you QuickSee!!! 

– Nancy, from Cary, NC