The QuickSee Story

This story starts deep in the pit of my chest..


A few years back, upon the death of my father, I was called on to clean out his apartment. Amongst the many different unexpected things I found, was one big surprise. Reading Glasses! Dozens and dozens, scattered all around his home. 

They were in pockets, drawers, bags, in the medicine cabinet, near the stove and in his desk. I found Reading Glasses in every room in his home, even the bathroom!

Now, I knew my dad wore them on occasion to see things, but like many, I had no idea it was such a huge issue. Unless you happen to be dining out with someone who needs the glasses to read a menu, you probably never realize what a vital role vision aids play in their lives. When your visions starts to go, it starts to go and seeing small text on anything becomes difficult.

Later, I discussed this with my sister and was even more surprised to hear, that she had Reading Glasses all over her home as well. She told me her husband bought in bulk, as it was such a big issue. However, she compared them to socks that mysteriously disappearing into thin air, never to be seen again. My brother in law showed me the ever growing text font on his phone and told me how he hated wearing reading glasses, because they made him feel old. I really could not believe it was such a big need and immediately started thinking of a better solution. There had to be a better way to solve this and and stop people from wasting all this money on Reading Glasses!

My dad definitely could not afford to be buying them, at the cost he was paying.

Now, there are many hand held magnification devices out there, but like common Reading Glasses, they all have a few critical flaws. First, they are all sold as one off items, meaning you get only one and that makes little sense. Not to mention, Glasses do nothing for those nighttime moments when the the lights are dim, or go out totally. Oh and my sister also mentioned, that when the glasses do turn up, they are typically broken or scratched up, because they don’t travel or pack well.

The Beauty of QuickSee is its all in one, efficient design. Quicksees come with a Powerful LED light, for even the darkest environments. No need to pull out the cell phone light and reach for reading glasses. QuickSees are also Stackable & Magnetic, so they stay where you need them, when you need them. QuickSees are only sold in sets of 5 or 10, so you can put them in all your high traffic spots and at the same cost as one decent pair of reading Glasses! They are changing the Vision Enhancement Game totally! 

QuickSee for me, was a labor of love and I hope you and your loved ones, love them just as much.  I dressed them up in a High End Gold finish for women to enjoy a bit more style and for Men, there is a Bold Sleek Silver. All QuickSees are made of durable materials and offer discrete vision enhancement and efficient design, that makes life just a bit easier to manage.

I can imagine my dad with a few QuickSees stuck to the Fridge and a few in a drawer. Who knows, he might have put one on his keys or maybe around his neck via the quick detach neck strap we give away? I am sure he would have loved the simplicity and multiplicity, and appreciated the reasonable price.

 For my pops..

Most sincerely,